How to: Gear List

Now that people have paid their entry fee for the Transcontinental Race, the forums are abuzz with gear lists, questions about bike choices etc. again. Everyone is preparing for “the season” (though cycling… Continue reading

To pack or not to pack, that is the question

Every bikepacker with limited space encounters the same problem: what to take and what to leave at home? I recently posted my current packing list, right before I took off for the Tuscany… Continue reading

Adventure report: Tuscany Trail

I’ve been on an adventure – all the way through Tuscany! I first heard about the Tuscany Trail from Markus, the owner of ‘velorado’, a bike shop in Nuremberg. When I read the… Continue reading

I packed my bag and I put in…

Gear posts are always interesting for some people – pondering what to take and what to leave at home is a big part of preparation for a bikepacking race. To be honest, I… Continue reading

Be your own windkeeper – riding the Trans Am Bike Race

I’ve shied away from writing up my experiences in the Trans Am 2014 for months now, mainly for two reasons: one, I’ve already written a detailed travel log in German and two, I… Continue reading

Whoa, ho, hey!

Yesterday, a story broke on Facebook: Lee Fancourt, the arguably best contender to win this year’s World Cycle Race, was disqualified. A reminder: the World Cycle Race serves both as a framework for… Continue reading

An analysis of failure

When we fail, it isn’t always possible to pinpoint the exact thing that went wrong. However, we can look at everything that happened and use it as a lesson to improve. As you… Continue reading

A well rounded athlete

There is no use in training muscles to perform singular motions since it doesn’t teach them to coordinate properly. Well coordinated muscles lead to better stability and reaction, minimizing injury. Thus, even when… Continue reading

…and the countdown begins

22 days. Let me repeat that: 22 days. Until I set off from London.¬†This seems unrealistic (that’s what I always say to my personal trainer when he shows me some new exercise).¬† I… Continue reading

Winter is tough

After the short respite from winter in Napoli, I returned to Germany with high spirits. The weather was said to be great for cycling, cold but not quite freezing and sunny during the… Continue reading