What goes down must come up

Yesterday, I felt quite smug about our 150km-day (I still do), done in 5:50 hours and with a more than decent average speed for a long time. Here is one lesson I have… Continue reading

Will cycle for food

Oh, how I love the fact that when you have cycled for a few hours, you can basically eat whatever you want and not gain a gram of weight. My thighs are slowly… Continue reading

Jack and Jill went up the hill

Today, we did ‘hills’. This is code for arduous climbs over and over again. Basically, we descended to sea level (about 1000 meters of altitude if I am not mistaken) and then climbed… Continue reading

Cycling, Napoli style

Since winter has grasped Munich with its icy fingers already, confining me to cycling indoors which I hate, I flew south yesterday, following an invitation extended by Juliana Buhring. My bike survived the… Continue reading

Changing up my training

Exciting news! I am lucky to be sponsored by a personal trainer who just happens to work at my physiotherapy practice. It will be a huge advantage to work with a professional to… Continue reading

Time to get indoors

When temperatures hover around freezing and the roads are slick with rain, cycling can be a dangerous affair. Not to mention the pain of putting on multiple layers of clothing just to soak… Continue reading

The test run

This week, I braved the wonderful fall weather (attention: sarcasm) and went for a two-day trip from the middle of Germany to Hamburg. My intention was to test both material and body. That… Continue reading

Four more months…

The last time I counted down months was a year ago, when we were traveling the world. A year ago today, we were en route to Valpara√≠so in Chile (which is what you… Continue reading

Fall is awesome sometimes.

Since I felt much better over the weekend I went for a long training ride yesterday. It was a fine fall day, the red leaves fluttering around in gentle breezes, the sun warming… Continue reading


One week after arriving by mail, it’s finally back from the shop! Got quite a facelift, but see for yourselves. It sports a new Revelate Designs framebag, the Gas Tank bag (top tube)… Continue reading