What do you train for?

My research has found that there are two camps when it comes to training philosophy for long cycling adventures. The first say you don’t need to do any specific training, you’ll get fit… Continue reading

Fall off, get back on

Four days after hitting the pavement, I feel ready to get back to business. The first two days were spent in a painful stupor, and slightly infected wounds didn’t help. After a trip… Continue reading


I used to love just hanging out and watching movies. Or spending the whole day watching a season of a TV series I like. Or reading two books in one day (yes I… Continue reading

Scrapin’ that smile off my face…

  Two days ago, I wrote on Facebook that I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face on the first ride on my new, shiny, red bike. As a friend kindly pointed out,… Continue reading

New bike, more fun

My old bike was nice. It is a classic and after only 1000km on it, I signed up for the WCR. But it was too big for me, too heavy and the geometry… Continue reading

A different kind of ride

Bikes aren’t the only things I like to ride around on. Horses suit me well, too! Two to three times a week, I amble around in the forest, no matter what the weather… Continue reading

Share the road?

In Germany, bike lanes parallel many of the bigger roads and some drivers do think that cyclists are required to use them. * Alas, they are not. There have been court rulings that… Continue reading

Foggy times

Didn’t I say that October tends to be foggy? Well, it definitely is around here. After a relaxing long weekend with my family, I drove back home yesterday morning and spent the rest… Continue reading

Why cycle the world?

As I was lying in bed restless last night, I thought about how to sum up why I’m doing this. Resonance to my announcement has been hesitant to say the least, no doubt… Continue reading

Alf and I

We look silly together. I especially love how the helmet makes me look like Toad, the Mario Kart character.